Wednesday 18th February 2009
  The Guild (Eastern Region) LLP

"We are an unusual for-profit partnership working in the not-for-profit sector with a range of government financed projects which need to be treated as restricted funds. We are also a creative team, lightly-managed with a large dollop of pastoral care and a dash of hysteria. Through the work and support of the staff at Argents we have been 'profit-plussed', 'fussed and sussed', trained, pained and sustained".

"They have joined us in debate, discussion and finger-wagging and never flinched at the increasingly bizarre queries we pose to them for both ourselves and our clients."

"They have levered us away from endearing bad habits and helped us to move to new finance software, train our staff, assess our business, cost our services, plan our taxes and dream of our retirement! Our thanks to Grahame, Jon and all the staff at Argents for never being more than a phone call away."

Sally Kelly