Friday 11th March 2011
  Strategic Planning

In business and, for that matter, in life, it’s all too easy to concentrate on day-to-day matters, coping rather than planning.

And yet, a little foresight, in both business and personal affairs, can help you to achieve your goals and save you substantial sums of money along the way.

In fact, Argents’ expertise and experience can be invaluable in formulating financial strategies for the family and the firm.

We can help you to help your children, for example, with everything from tax relief on nanny’s fees to provision for university costs. We can help you to accumulate wealth with tax-efficient savings and investment, and to keep it in the family, with Inheritance Tax planning – a service which can help to guide your financial affairs, quite literally, from cradle to grave.

If you are setting up a new business, our initial consultation (which is, incidentally, free of charge) can be a great help in getting it off to the best possible start. Topics might include: -

  • Establishment of objectives and a Business Plan.
  • The appropriate trading vehicle for the business – sole trader, partnership, limited liability company etc. (See pdf files below).
  • Projection and funding, including appropriate funding of loans and overdraft facilities.
  • Advice on the maintenance of tax and accounting records.

Should you form a Limited Company (121kb)
LLP -v- Ltd Co (105kb)
Limited Liability Partnerships (95kb)
Cashflow Management (83kb)

For existing businesses, we can offer advice on topics including:-

  • Monitoring business performance.
  • Pre-year-end planning for tax mitigation.
  • Planning for retirement and pension provision.
  • Succession planning, including wills and Inheritance Tax.
  • Potential sale or management buyout. Funding for expansion, capital assets and debt repayment.
Frequently Asked Questions

I am happy with how my accounts are being dealt with but can you assist with the myriad of other issues with my business and with my personal finances?

This is a common concern for people.
We want to assist you to maximise your business and personal wealth as well as giving you peace of mind with regard to planning and retirement issues for example.
We can discuss these issues with you, agree an actionplan and together with your other advisors help you achieve your objectives.

Can you help me monitor and generate better profits?

We have the experience to examine your business ideas and evaluate its profit potential.
We can assist you on breakeven analysis, budgets and cashflows etc which can be used to set realistic targets.

I am considering selling my business.
Where do I start?

Forward planning is essential, ideally several years before any planned sale. We can help in formulating a strategy that will enable you to both realise the best possible sale price for your business and ensure the taxman’s take is kept to the minimum.

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